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MIVC Social Space, Den Bosch on 19 November 2021 (live)

Photo by Scape Agency

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Lars van Vianen

Future Nature

Photo by Scape Agency

Full program

Subject of presentation

Scape Agency is a spatial innovation collective that dreams, discovers and designs the everyday of tomorrow. Through design thinking we blend emerging technologies with the marvels of nature to create a brighter perspective for both people and planet. 

Through exploring the language of nature, we accumulated the knowledge to create our own artificial ecosystems. As we evolve our landscapes through technology and science, raw nature has started to feel a bit spooky. We believe that we can rebalance our environment and future-proof our horizons if we blur the boundaries between the natural and artificial. 

In this presentation we explore how design can naturalise technology in liveable and living –scapes that spark the imagination and inspire future generations! 

Photo by: Scape Agency

Photo by: Scape Agency

Photo by: Scape Agency

Concise resume

Lars van Vianen is a meta-designer and founding director of Scape Agency. Proceeding from a background in interactive art, experience design and parametric architecture, Lars explores the convergence of synthetic biology, materials science, artificial intelligence, and robotic construction. Believing the principle of design is the decodation of dreams into the parametrization and instrumentalization of reality, he exerts computation to concurrently operate across scales and mediate between natural and artificial actors. 

Scape Agency operates in unison through a meta-disciplinary network of artists, designers, engineers, and scientists, and blends creative thinking and emerging technologies in spatial interventions that create a brighter perspective for people and planet. Currently, Scape Agency is working on bio-receptive surfaces, phytoremediation strategies, augmented photobiology and functional microstructures, supported by its research in spatial intelligence and digital fabrication.